Fully Managed E-Commerce Services

BMO discusses e-commerce essentials on this page which we recap below and show how Reliable CMS can help with your e-commerce needs!!

ECommerce Essentials Description How Reliable CMS Can Help
Domain Name Registration Your domain name, ex. www.yourbusiness.com, is the identifier that customers type in to reach your site your email. We can help you find and register domain names here.
Web Hosting Web & email hosting is, in our opinion, the back bone of any e-commerce project.  The best website is no good if it's offline! We offer various fully managed hosting plans so you can focus on selling.
Shopping Cart Shopping cart is software, generally Ubercart in our case, used on your e-commerce website to display products, allows visitors to choose items to buy, aka Add to Cart, accept payment information, calculate taxes and figure shipping amounts and more. Our Design & Development team will find the perfect solution for you!!
Payment Processing Shopping carts chould accept payments including credit/debit cards, PayPal and other offline payment methods.  Traditionally a merchant account with the payment company or credit card provider was required and various gateways. We can help you integrate Stripe.com, a one-of-a-kind payment processing company, in to your e-commerce project.  Sign-up for Stripe now!!
Security Accepting payments online means you need to be aware of security and privacy to protect your customers’ sensitive information.  This likely includes using technology like SLL/HTTPS and ensuring Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, aka PCI compliance. We can help you acquire a SSL certificate and Stripe.com and our hosting ensure PCI compliance.
Marketing Marketing your e-commerce site is an ongoing effort using search engine optimization (SEO), online and print advertising, social media outreach and maybe even pay per click (PPC) campaigns like Google Adwords. We can help you understand SEO and even offer you a Google Adwords credit to help you get started!!  Stay in touch with your customers using our E-Marketing campaign software.
 Support Any great venture needs to rely on equally great support to support that venture. Unlike the 'typical web host', we support more than servers, we support your project!!