When you type your business name or website name in to Google does your website show as #1? If not, you might want to consider custom search engine optimization (SEO) to determine why you are not placing high in search engines and what can be done to change that.

Reliable CMS can apply proven techniques to help your organization target strategic search engine key phrases based on your needs and target market.

Search engines are contstantly changing the criteria they use to rank websites. Reliable CMS can undertake any or all of the following to help your orgainization get maximum web exposure:

  • Strategic analysis of key phrases and technqiues based on your needs and unique environment
  • Implement strategy based on key phrases and techniques identified during strategic analysis
  • Montior results of implemented strategy
  • Continually update strategy based on results observed and trends in Search Engine Optimization

Reliable CMS offers Search Engine Optimization starting from $500 per year with discounts available when optimization is being done at the same time website design is being done. If you are hosted with us, you will not be billed for Search Engine Optimization services until a predetermined level of success is achieved.

We bear all the 'risk' and you get the reward of top search engine placement!

Some stats from here:

  • Canadians spend $28.05 in online advertising per Internet user. The US spends $71.43.
  • 21% of Canadians media usage is online, but it gets 6% of the budget.
  • In contrast, newspapers and magazines get a 7% share of total media usage, but capture 42% of Canadian ad budgets,
  • The U.S. spends almost twice as Canada per capita on search marketing."

Please Contact Reliable CMS to get started on custom search engine optimization for your organization!