Point of Sale Systems

Point of sale systems have come a long way from the days of a 'simple' cash register.  Today's point of sale systems can/should? be highly integrated to your business and considered amongst the key success factors for your business.

Some of the more interesting and new point of sale systems utilize the internet and 'cloud hosting' to run on tablets etc. while other more robust systems are 'fail safe' in that they rely on nothing but the computer they run on.  Even then, the individual terminal/lane can be backed up and communicate with back office servers in various ways resulting in truly redundant and continuous operation when 2 or more terminals are operating.

Reliable CMS has, and continues to, test various point of sale systems and below we will summarize/compare some of favoured point of sale systems at this time.

<comparison chart to be completed soon>

  Specific Point of Sale Solution
Point of Sale Systems Comparison
    UberPoS LiveCashier RegIt BreakPoint
  Inventory Tracking        
  Weight Based Inventory        
  Customer Tracking        
  Loyalty Program        
  Barcode Scanning        
  Ecommerce Connection to PoS        
  Gift Card Module        
  Integrated Payment Processing